"Oh no, not a Randomrings blog!!!"

Yes. It is as it appears, I'm afraid. I will probably post a short video about this on the channel soon actually.


Randomrings Channel is a YouTube channel I run that mainly focuses on video games, specifically in the form of video game reviews making goofy jabs/praises at different game design choices.

The problem with Randomrings Channel being based on video games is that sometimes I want to talk about other things, but it just seems out of place (and sometimes even lower quality because of this) on the channel. Instead of creating a secondary channel that I have to monitor and spend more time (that I don't have) making videos for that channel to prove that I am not dead, I have decided to try out Blogger. I really enjoy typing and writing things in general so it was a natural transition.

This way I can keep the quality stuff that my followers expect on YouTube, the more ranty and spur of the moment stuff on Blogger, and then leave the updates and more in depth fan interaction to Twitter... and I guess Facebook... if people are still using that for anything other than spying on their ex.

Here I can talk about movies, current events, my endeavors in the world of self-produced music, internet trends, silly hats, the list goes on! I might even tie this in to talk about Randomrings Channel or my music moniker Lexi Karma every once in a while.

I'm sure I will find something new to rant about soon, and I'm sure I will post it here when I do, because it's way better than posting a long series of tweets or wasting your time with an improvised video that I recorded at 1 in the morning. So stick around for the wild ride that is Randomrings Blog: something I could be doing to exploit YouTube's monetization system but apparently I'm just allergic to success and smart investments.

Bruce - The deep-voiced guy on Randomrings Channel, and the psycho who made Lexi Karma


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