Updatarooni [also I deleted a bunch of videos]

First update is that I'm done with update videos! In fact, I'm done with most of this stupid vloggy bullshit in general. Now, with the almighty power of this blog, I can thwart improvised mediocrity and lazy jumpcuts on Randomrings Channel FOREVER!!!

So I'm sure no one noticed so I'll fill you in. I went through the other day and deleted about 20 videos because I fucking hated them. The update videos included. The only one that stands now is the one that says "hey look, all my software crapped out at once." That was true! The other update videos document me blurting out hollow promises. No more of that. I made Randomrings Channel as a fun creative outlet and started giving myself tight-ass deadlines. Why? So from now on it's out when it's out. There will still be "seasons" but that will only be when I change up the formula massively somehow. I will delete THAT update video when my next review (Spyro the Dragon, which is almost done) comes out.

While I'm on the topic, I deleted a bunch of old videos. As in forever. I didn't unlist them, they are just gone. These include most of the "Day 2" videos and other stupid first impression videos. Basically whenever I make anything creative at all, I ask myself in the mid-to-final stages "would I like this?" If the answer is yes, I see it through to the end. If the answer is no, one of two things happens. 1: I bury it and dig it up for another day or meld its ideas into another idea to make a super-idea. 2: I kiss its ass goodbye. I can't believe I uploaded half of that shit! What was I trying to do?

  • I kept the vloggy one about YouTube Heroes as kind of a documentary piece in case people do a full 180 in the future and try to tell me that YouTube has always been genius.
  • I kept Best of GHG in its entirety because they're hilarious and they took a lot of time to make, believe it or not.
  • I didn't delete any reviews, as much as I despise my reviews on Klonoa and Sonic 3D Blast. They go together as a series so I thought deleting them would be more confusion and awkwardness than what it was worth. Plus it fits the "would I like this?" test because I like growth. Growing from vlogs is meaningless because everyone grows from nothing, that's how birth works. Not everybody works from shitty game reviews to entertaining ones. I did delete that one video where I try to sum up my thoughts of Sly 1, 2, and 3 in one video though. That was so redundant. 
  • I kept RR Nights because I might have more plans for it in the future, but moreover RR Nights is a more acceptable outlet to do whatever I want, so even if I don't upload a new installment in like 6 months, it doesn't matter because there was no formula in the first place.
  • I kept the Sonic Mania and Sonic 2017 rant video, not because I like it but because I was vaguely positive and that video now makes up like 95% of the dislikes on my entire channel just because it's fucking Sonic. I'm not even mad, it just actually blows my mind. My friends and I have a grand old time poking fun at it. That video is the picture of your uncle falling down at a Christmas party before you were born: your parents aren't proud of it and it's pretty embarrassing, but it was too funny and unexpected to throw away.
  • I kept the Final Fantasy XV demo impression video because some of it was kind of funny. I also kept the Hyper Void one because the developers told me they liked it, and that was super cool! I deleted the Sonic Lost World one though because it was boring and irrelevant.
  • I kept all of my video game music covers. I'm a music producer of sorts, why would I delete good portfolio? Speaking of portfolio, also kept Voice Reel 2015. Why not?
  • I kept Mental Health Spiel because I want to do a brand new mental health awareness video every year.
  • I kept MGS PSA because I spent a lot of time Googling that crap myself. Hopefully that stupid video will be more conclusive for someone in the future. Same kind of concept with "Can You Catch Them All?"
  • I kept the really stupid videos like Real Stealth, Why There Are No Commentators in Marvel VS Capcom. Sully's Fortune, Randomrings Outtakes 2014, and Advanced Rantfare. To this day, those videos still at least give me a chuckle.
  • I deleted all of the update videos because none of them were entertaining or worth archiving. Plus most of them just give out false information, which is bad for the internet. If this were a TV show, I could show something like that and viewers who cared could see it, then move on. But on the internet, people will view a 2015 update video and think that's what's happening now, when it totally isn't. Oh also did I mention I hated those videos?
  • As I stated above, I deleted most of my first impressions videos except for BioShock. For whatever reason that one was way more entertaining and less of a chore to sit through. For those who don't know, I used to do a "series" called "Day 2" where I would play a game I never played before for a day and then talk about what I thought about it giving three pros and 3 cons. The first few weren't bad, but they were for 3DS and I couldn't capture footage for that. The BioShock one was the last one worth watching.
  • I also deleted the Best Games of E3 2014 and Best Games of E3 2016 or whatever they were called. Do you miss them? Of course you don't!
Nobody is watching everything I do in a series, so I wanted to make sure that quality was at least somewhat up to snuff. Sure, we all have the one video that makes us hate ourselves, but then there is just stuff that is so horrible and cheesy that you don't recognize yourself in your own videos, and that's where I draw the line. Hopefully that will be the last line I have to draw. Bad self! Bad!

As far as an actual update goes, I'm trying something new and a bit time-intensive for the next six reviews, and then making that look a little better in Season 3. Most of the Spyro review is done. Like actually finished. But there are blank spaces in the video cut for something else I am putting in, and without it the video would just be awkward and would seem unfinished... namely because it is unfinished. But almost done.

You can expect Thieves in Time to either be the next one, the one after that one, or the one after that other one after Spyro. It is officially in editing.

Other than that I've been working on revamping some stuff for the music I'm working on. I'm dealing with new software (thinking about switching from Pro Tools to Reaper entirely, for those of you who know what either of those two are). Long story short, all of this is taking a while, but I'm pretty damn focused, or at least as focused as you can be while focusing on making 3 to 4 different big things while also planning on moving to a new home. Yeesh.

Thanks for reading my garbage, watching my garbage, listening to my garbage... all the garbage. Thanks. Check that shit on Vidme or YouTube in the next month because that Spyro review will be sliding out of my creative ass soon enough. I haven't done anything like what I'm doing with this review before so I really don't have an estimated time of arrival. But look out for that!

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