Well I'm Alive

And doing pretty well. I released my first new video in a long time, and it is one of my new favorites. Now, the big question: why did that one take so long?

My original plan was to make six reviews that all had this mini-plot around them. So I would still be talking about a game but there would be more characters, also voiced by me. It took too long to put it all together. Meanwhile I also went in with this plan mixed with the animatic plan of having cartoon people on screen instead of my face. It was all too much only because I got way too overzealous. There was an actual action scene in one of them, but I'm not an animator so it would have just looked really cheap. Also I don't have animation software, because again, not an animator, so it would have looked cheaper than cheap.

I looked over the scripts and re-wrote them and re-read them to bring forth what you see before you know. My Spyro the Dragon review.


Did this review, in turn, actually take me five and a half months to make? Not really, but its a bit more complicated than that, especially because I started writing the Spyro review script a long time ago. As in more than six months ago. Probably more like a year to a year and a half ago. To put in perspective:

The game length is a factor into production. Obvious, just weird to think about and doesn't come up like other obvious things do. A game like Spyro isn't affected by this so much because that game is pretty short. Even then, I have to take notes so I have little bookmarks of things I want to talk about during the review without having to go on a scavenger hunt through hours of capture footage.

The script could take a night, or it could take several months depending on how much I hate it when its over, how long the first draft is, or how much I want to say about the game.

Reading the script takes me personally at least three times as long as the finished video is basically. This is because I do at least three takes of every single line. Usually more, but if I'm really in the zone, three. Add this time to pauses in between dialogue and water breaks. For the example of Spyro (about 10 minute video) this means just this process alone could take almost an hour. Then I make sure the audio is up to snuff, which is way more complex than it sounds sometimes. Especially when using new software (which I did for this batch of reviews).

I take all of the voiceover tracks and put them in a video editing software. From here, I piece the audio as you will hear it in the final video. This takes way too long. After that, I have to put the actual visual parts of the video together which usually takes an exponentially longer time. I can do that voice-over track thing in one night, so maybe a few hours, but the rest takes a lot more time and precision... which means more time.

This has already been a few days to a week in a perfect world where I do this full time. This is not reality though. So this whole process so far takes three weeks at the very least.

On top of that, the new cartoon images that I made myself. I know coloring and shading took me four days. The actual illustrations were spread out, but I remember they took a few days too, because there were over thirty of them to make. So roughly a week? Maybe nine days?

So what does this mean for the immediate future of Randomrings Reviews? It means that I've already done a lot of the work that took so much time to finish out the Spyro review. So the rest shouldn't take as long, even if most of them are more ambitious than Spyro, because I've already done illustration that I can re-use and then add onto as necessary. Hopefully in between the millions of other things I'm working on, I can get one of these puppies out every month for the next five reviews. So out into the Summer.

This does NOT mean that I will be only releasing a video once per month... well maybe that's the case but I hope it's not. I have a new series I've written. If you like Randomrings Reviews, you will like this one too. Probably. I don't know you. I also have some plans for RR Nights and there are some Grody Harmony Gaming related plans as well. Keep your eye out for that. Especially towards late Summer/ early Autumn.

But yeah, stuff is coming out. Season 3 will go through some changes too but won't be the complete 180 that Season 2 was, so there will be another gap, but it shouldn't be as big as the last few times there was a gap.

Well. I need to go to sleep. Thanks everybody.

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