Grody Harmony Gaming is Returning

In 2015 for about 5 months, I co-founded a Let's Play channel called Grody Harmony Gaming or GHG. Then we stopped doing it and I'm tired of going over the uninteresting story so we just stopped and nobody hates anyone, end of story.

A few months ago, Brad (who had appeared as a guest on the show for eight episodes if I remember the number off the top of my head correctly) was like "I want to revive GHG". I thought this was dumb but he then shared ideas with me on what he wanted it to be and I eventually couldn't resist. The show will primarily be me and Brad instead of me and Evan now, but we have actual plans to bring back Evan, at the very least as a guest. This specific plan also includes Alec (hopefully). And Tanner (my friend that was a guest for six episodes) will be coming back too. We have aspirations to put in other guests later, hopefully people outside of Big Tobacco Company (Brad, Evan, and Alec's metal band) or just my inner friend circle in general (Tanner). So far, here are our plans, just because I'm really excited and it won't come out for a while. Since we don't have a network and are self-managed I can publicly post this stuff. Hooray.

Bombernauts (PC)
The first resurrection series we have recorded is an indie game called Bombernauts. Essentially it's four episodes of Brad and I blowing each other up. I already started editing this and Brad will be looking over what footage I decided to keep in tonight. Afterwards we will go over ideas for more complex stuff to edit such as visual effects, sound effects, and music snippets. Yes, that's right, we are doing actual editing on GHG now, something that was unprecedented when we were doing daily uploads. The only stipulation that comes with this is that the episodes will take much longer to make and there will be essentially no way that we can do daily uploads, or at least we won't be able to do that in long term. We have agreed that it is better this way and relieves the pressure. Still, out of an hour of Bombernauts footage, I scrambled it into four episodes, all under fifteen minutes each, so this is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Castle Crashers (PC)
We didn't know what else to play and as much as I love Bombernauts, it wasn't worth doing that many episodes. Right now we can't do local games very well, but this Summer that will change drastically, which is why our Vidme page currently says that we are coming back in the Summer. Because... we are. Castle Crashers has some audio issues already that I don't like but the commentary in general is too good to throw out. For whatever reason you can't hear me and it gets worse towards the end. I'm not sure what happened there. Still, on GHG we didn't play any online games because we didn't have the technology, so for two test-subject series, they are pretty great. We don't have too many concrete plans to do anymore online series though. PC games, yes. Online? Probably not but maybe.

Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) - Danger Run
We haven't started recording this yet, but soon we will be in a position where we can record it more often. I'm more excited for this series than anything else on the channel right now and I hope it is as good as I built it up in my head. Why is this one so exciting? It has gimmicks! First of all, it will be a Danger Run of Paper Mario. When Mario reaches 5 or less HP, he goes into Danger Mode. There is a way at the beginning of Chapter 2 to decrease your HP to 5 and in turn you can hypothetically beat the game with 5 HP. No, it's for real. Yeah. The second gimmick is that Brad and I are going to play a voice acting game. Before the intro, we will flip a coin, and whoever gets called to go first will voice the first character. In this case, that would be the narrator of the game. In order of appearance, we will voice alternating characters for the rest of the game. So for example if I end up with the Narrator, Brad will be Bowser for the rest of the game, then I will be Kammy Koopa, and then I guess he will be Goombaria if I remember correctly. I will actually write these down as it goes on so we don't get too confused later. This is exciting not only because it is going to be unbelievably silly, but because it sets a standard for other RPG's we may do in the future that have a lot of text-based dialogue. Also, I just really love Paper Mario.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Gamecube) - All Missions
Tanner brought this up once as kind of a joke but also kind of not. I was considering it for Randomrings Channel but the timing of GHG is perfect for it. This is NOT all A-rank, because I can't do it. It's so fucking hard. All missions will be a rage-guaranteed series enough, which will be exciting to edit and watch back. I hope Tanner and I will also do more Sonic in the future, because it worked really well for the five episodes where he did that in the past.

Monopoly (Genesis)
This is something I brought up for me, Brad, Evan, and Alec and they all seemed to agree. I really like Monopoly and have recently studied up on all of the rules so don't worry about it being a playthrough of us trying to figure out the rules and failing miserably.

That's it for now, because the rest of the ideas are more just "oooooh, Brad, we should play this game!" That's not a real plan. So, they aren't plans.

There will also be actual thumbnails on the videos drawn by me, so that's neat. I'm running out of things to say that are coherent. Well, back to the actual drawing board!

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