GHG is not coming in June, I guess

This is a big update on the revival of GHG (Grody Harmony Gaming), the old Let's Play series that I started with my friend Evan in 2015. My friend Brad suggested reviving it with actual editing and naturally fell into place as the other guy on the couch for GHG, as well as co-editor, which takes a huge weight off of my shoulders and makes even the recording process go smoother.

I originally stated on this blog and I think on Twitter that GHG would be back in June. Well, today's July 1st. So this post is about the present, the near future, and the distant future of GHG.


Absolutely, to both me being a dingus and GHG coming back. We have already recorded well over 60 new episodes, but it is taking a long time for us to finish editing them. On top of that, I am doing all of this branding and the artwork you will see in the videos. I still need to edit the actual intro video (yes, it has one of those now) and start work on the thumbnails. I have to make a lot of thumbnails.

Brad has been coming over pretty much every week since either late May or early June to record GHG sessions. One session was also my friend Tanner and me, which means Sonic.

Again, the main hold-ups are the thumbnails and intro video. That said, the main editing on the first 4-part series, a strange one-off, and 4 other episodes are already done, they just don't have the aforementioned thumbnails and intro videos.

What's taking me so long, you ask? You little shit! ...no, that's actually a valid question. A question of which that will lead into the near future of GHG.


We had to stop GHG in 2015 to focus on other things in our lives. GHG was too taxing on me at the time. I had a lot going on. That hasn't really changed but with Brad also editing, it made the concept of doing GHG again a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, a few days before Brad and I recorded our first in-person session since Nintendo Land, I had recently been offered a great opportunity to move to California with someone I greatly trust and deeply admire. So in late July, we will not be able to record at the capacity we are with the library that we currently have. Once again, GHG will have to come to a bitter end. At least this time it is for a better cause but still kind of sad considering we actually put in work this time. Who knows? Something tragic might happen and the original plan may fall through, but either way, I'm still going to be looking for a sensible path back to the coast if I can.

Brad and I have discussed it, and interestingly enough it will be in an episode for the world to see, but as for this moment, let's talk about what this means for now.

I will personally be uploading Bombernauts P1 and a special episode sometime in July. At LEAST one episode of GHG is going to go up before August 1st, but either way, no more recording will be done for the near future around that time.  We put a lot of thought into it this time around and I like the end result (which is saying a lot because I'm not a big let's play fan). At the end of the day, it is just a let's play. There are bigger things we want to do with our lives, hence why I'm moving to California and planning that out and raising money for that, et cetera.


Within my power, time and budget allowing, I will bring GHG back because as horrendously idiotic as the channel is, something about it in its new form has really stolen my heart. I am going to consider the 2015 recordings to be Season 1 of GHG. The current episodes that will be releasing very soon will be Season 2. Afterward, I don't know what a Season 3 will look like, or if it will ever exist. If I'm living 30 hours away from Brad though, it's safe to say I will be finding a new regular co-host.

As we discuss in an episode of GHG that we will release later, Brad has stated that I should use GHG as my own baby and do with the channel as I please after the big move. We will still be uploading episodes after I move, and honestly, we can probably still record a few Steam sessions (games like Payday 2, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers) but those aren't as good of quality as the others and are much more susceptible to lag... which really sucks in both editing and viewing because there isn't a whole lot you can do about it. Beyond that though, that will be the end of Season 2. If I find a regular in California and have the time, I will gladly procure a Season 3 of GHG, since most of the work is usually of my own vices anyways. Vices. I use smart words when I talk about making sex jokes over video games for babies.

Really, I feel weird about continually replacing the main person. The original idea for GHG was just supposed to be me and Evan with occasional guests and then I basically replaced him, but I have talked to him about it the whole way through. Replacing Brad has not only been blessed but mutually justified. Think about it: I'm in every fucking episode. Every single one. Season 1 and 2 combined, I have easily done more than 70% of the actual editing and everything. GHG is my baby. It's my deformed baby that I sometimes neglect in comparison to other babies (Randomrings Channel, Lexi Karma), but a baby I admire to some extent nonetheless.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy what we have been working on because as far as let's plays go, they are pretty great in my opinion. I wouldn't be releasing them if they weren't.

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