Only Games I Give a Crap About for 2017

On this blog we here talk about the games. Ohhh yes! I'm kind of a stickler for game innovation (which is good, because games be expensive) but even then there's some pretty actually cool looking stuff coming this year so let's talk about the games that I'm even remotely interested in for 2017!

Around Christmas I finally played Nidhogg and it is pretty fun. It proves you don't need complexities and state-of-the-art graphics to end up with a fun game. Nidhogg 2 takes all of the principles that made Nidhogg fun and gives it some minor complexities and updated graphics. I think adding more to Nidhogg would make it much more appealing to a wider audience, myself included, and it looks like Nidhogg 2 is already on the right track.

This one is dumb to put on here because they still haven't said much about this game in general but I'm still blindly excited for a new 3D Sonic that (hopefully) doesn't blow dick. I'm still not sure why Classic Sonic is back with Modern Sonic in the same game, seems fishy, but so was Generations's entire plot, and that game was awesome.

Marvel vs Capcom is one of my favorite fighting series ever, except I suck at it. I'm curious where they are going to go with the roster this time around (already curious about the new characters Mega Man X and Captain Marvel) and how deep the Infinity Stone system goes. I'm skeptical because I didn't like MvC3 as much as the others, and the game seems to have the same visual style and pacing of MvC3, but maybe Capcom will actually give a shit about customer feedback for a change and fix what made those games somewhat subpar. Or just make a whole new experience, but it looks like they already threw that out the window. Either way, we have more on this game to go off of than we do Project Sonic 2017, hence its placement on the list.

I haven't been this excited for a Zelda game since Ocarina of Time was a fairly new game on the market. Breath of the Wild takes a few elements from previously existing adventure games, especially a lot of modern ones, but the new trailer shows them in a new light that somehow screams Zelda. I am also really excited to see what they do with full voice acting segments in the game. The trailer, in my opinion, makes it seem like a really natural transition, and I think the Zelda franchise was due for some resuscitation.

Some game I found on Steam. It looks really cute and it's kind of sort of open-world, action RPG, but with more platformer elements it looks like??? I don't know how to explain why this game looks so good but if you look at what they have public on Steam, hopefully you can see it too. It looks like the kind of game that I would have wanted to exist as a kid.

This comes out really soon, and yes that is its real title. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 contains three main attractions: Back Cover, which I think is some fully cinematic thing explaining more confusing shit in the Kingdom Hearts universe, a full HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and a whole new chapter that ties the ending of Birth By Sleep to Kingdom Hearts III called A Fragmentary Passage. I already have this on pre-order so the hype is pretty real and I have already accepted it. I heard that A Fragmentary Passage is actually only going to last about as long as one of the worlds in the main games, but look up a trailer and tell me it doesn't look impressive to some degree. Even if A Fragmentary Passage is a total letdown, it still has a gameplay engine that will be foreshadowing for Kingdom Hearts III, a plot that ties together more shit for fans like me, and the main disc will still have a full HD remaster of Dream Drop Distance, so I can't complain. I mean, if you've seen my channel, you know I probably can, but to a more minimalist degree.

Sonic Mania is a game that I already love and hate. I hate it because they are obviously playing off of nostalgia by taking large graphical and stage design influences from Sonic 1, 2, 3, S&K, and Sonic CD, but at the same time the game looks really pretty and seems to play pretty solid. In a more modern setting I'm curious to see what the full package has to offer, and I also hear it is going to have a butt-ton of stages, so I'm in for the ride.

After getting into Steam, two natural games I had to get were Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. Afterwards I discovered Pit People, also made by Behemoth, was coming out this year. It's already in early access and I just haven't played it yet, but I'm debating getting it in early access or just waiting for it to come out in full. Either way it has Will Stamper and all of the goofiness I like of the other games in a turn-based setting, so it can't be a letdown. It pretty much just can't be a letdown.

Duh. This is a game made by a lot of the creators of Banjo-Kazooie. Since Rare owns the rights to Banjo-Kazooie and Microsoft owns Rare, and Rare won't greenlight a Banjo-Threeie, Yooka-Laylee is the next best thing. Already it is familiar enough to be appreciated but unique enough to be commendable, and all that is out so far are some trailers and a demo showing a lot of graphical assets in the game. Yooka-Laylee already seems to be a lot bigger in terms of map size, but not in an empty way. The demo has you ascend to some pretty large heights, and even then you can see a whole other half of the map from the peak. If you have no nostalgia-blindness for Banjo-Kazooie but you are really into platformers, you need to at least go check it out.

I have no excuses. Kingdom Hearts on a personal level is just a series that always pulls me out of, or at least pacifies, bad moods. Kingdom Hearts III will be the end of the saga according to Tetsuya Nomura and after playing pretty much every other game in the series and diving into the plot, it seems stupid to pass up Kingdom Hearts III. In fact, KHIII is one of the only reasons I bought a PS4 in the first place. The exciting thing for me about Kingdom Hearts is the fact that each game has similar enough combat for you to feel like you already understand a new installment, but has different intricacies that keep you awake even after sinking hundreds of hours into Kingdom Hearts II, Chain, and Dream Drop Distance... not that I've done those things... ahem... I have been purposefully avoiding trailers or leaks or rumors or whatever on this game because this has been a long time coming and I want the game to blow me away out of the casing, not be a checklist of things I'm expecting. I know that naivety is much harder to keep in this generation of games, but I hope it will be worth the extra effort.

What games are you excited for in 2017? Just kidding. I know it's Mario Odyssey and I don't care.

But what are your thoughts on these games? Let me know in los commentos. I'm pretty positive that is not Spanish.

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