Stupid Survey I found on Twitter

That's right: I've been posing as a man in his 20's but I'm secretly a 13-year-old little bitch on Facebook mentally stuck in 2008!

Okay but now onto something different. This survey was posted by x0mi3s (@xombi3s)... fuck! I completely forgot her name! I cannot find it! She is a really good artist if you want to check that snazzy stuff out. Well, she re-posted it and that's where I picked it up from. I think it might be fun if only to look back on. Usually, if I talk about something personal on here it goes as far as "I have mental health issues" or "I like this video game/movie/tv show". This goes a lot deeper, which I just realized is a rarity really. Or rather, I think I started deep by going into mental health shit but there is no general consensus of who I am, especially since I became a cartoon caricature last year.

Okay, let's go.

1. Explain your Twitter handle
A. In my case: @randomringschan. I have been using Randomrings as a screen name for everything for a really long time. I used to go on game forums a lot because I didn't have good internet. I couldn't go to YouTube and watch 144p anime rips. I wanted a username that not necessarily stood out but wasn't an already existing character. I saw a lot of "shadowtheninja22" or "sasuke777", you know. I wanted something based on video games but something based on an inanimate object that was identifiable. I played a lot of Sonic games at that age so I eventually found Randomrings to be the most appropriate. I don't remember if this was in reference to Sonic 2 or Sonic Adventure DX but in general, this is in reference to one of the capsules in the Sonic games that give you a random number of rings instead of a set amount. This was before the "lolzer random" trend was huge, or at least I wasn't aware of it, but I dug my own grave with that one I suppose. Surprisingly, it is rarely taken on anything so I've just stuck with it. It has been convenient in many ways.

2. Who inspires you and why?
A. Musicians I enjoy the music of, animators, writers, and artists. There are more pertinent examples like Stevie Wonder, Arin Hanson, Dan Harmon, Stephen Hillenburg, Jason Alexander, Shinichiro Watanabe, etc. I think that's probably what the question is trying to jerk out of me: specific names. So there you go.

3. Do you care what others think about?
A. To a degree. I'm not going to try to change their minds though. If they really care enough, they will get to know more about me to confirm any theories they have about what I'm about. I know that I mean well and I am mortified if I offend someone, so if someone thinks I am a huge asshole or a fucking superhero, it's something they came up with and that's how they see me. That's their choice.

4. What are you most looking forward to?
A. Heading a career where I can be paid to make entertaining stuff for people full-time.

5. What is one life rule you follow?
A. Among many, the golden rule. It's simple and sounds stupid but I like it. Do things for people that you would like people to do for you. The way I see it is equally DON'T do things that you wouldn't want people to do to you.

6. What's your dream job?
A. Writing awesome and entertaining stuff for people with a lot of creative control and collaboration. On the side, I want to keep releasing music until I die. Hopefully, that makes me money.

7. Which fictional character do you wish you could meet?
A. Can I get fucked by Tornado from One Punch Man? She can spin me around with telekinesis and shit. ...I'm a simple man.

8. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A. I wanted to make a TV show where I wrote dialogue, drew the characters, and did some of the voices. There was a brief phase where I also wanted to animate some shit too but that has long since passed.

9. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
A. Some fucking crazy sci-fi superhero thing that can fight stuff. Why would I be somebody else?

10. What skill would you like to master?
A. Writing/arranging music, writing, drawing, and singing.

11. In what situation would you feel most out of place in?
A. Sex.

12. What artist do you really like, but rarely admit to liking?
A. I don't have any guilty pleasure artist. If they come up, I'm sure to mention them.

13. What gets you fired up?
A. Dishonesty, facetious cowardice, back peddling, animal abuse, sexuality discrimination, race discrimination, people picking on my friends, people abusing my friends, and I guess being enclosed in a tight space for more than three minutes?

14. What annoys you most about the fandoms you're part of?
A. Sonic fans just like to fight about anything but can't hold a solid argument to save their lives. Rick and Morty fans either latch on to really dumb infantile jokes and repeatedly scream them at you in public like children or they're on the opposite end of the spectrum where they think that they are science geniuses because Rick is a science genius. So I guess just fighting over things that either don't matter or you can't back up. (for example "Sonic Adventure is the best thing ever because I remember it as a kid" or "Rick and Morty is the best show ever" are pointless statements and can't be argued for or against).

15. What do you do to get rid of stress?
A. Drink too much soda, masturbate, watch a tv show or play a game I like, play games with friends, release videos.

16. You have to relive one day of your life forever. Which day do you choose?
A. If I know that I am repeating the same day, I guess I would pick a recent day since I bought Banjo-Kazooie so I can just spend the entire day playing a game to completion. Then when I wake up, I pick another game and just play games for eternity. At least madness would ensue slower than, say, a day at an amusement park or some party.

17. How quickly do you jump to conclusions about people?
A. I don't until they start opening up and telling me more things over time.

18. If you were a doll, what accessories would you be sold with?
A. Probably a boring ass computer and desk. Maybe a PS4 controller. Jesus, what is my life?

19. What have you done in life that has given you the most satisfaction?
A. I guess writing music is pretty cool. I don't get a lot of major satisfaction in life, just a lot of little things that we all usually get.

20. What would be the worst thing to put in a pinata?
A. The Sun.

21. What's the biggest waste of money you've seen?
A. Every marriage.

22. What common misconception do you hate to hear repeated as fact?
A. There is a large subset of people that think I'm a pessimistic asshole that complains about everything. So I guess that one? I'm sure there's a more general one that I can't think of right now.

23. Where is the best place to go to meet awesome people?
A. So far it has also been my computer. Everyone else I met through random and rare circumstance or introduction from someone I met through random and rare circumstance.

24. What food do you crave most?
A. I really like spaghetti. Sometimes popcorn.

25. What TV series do you keep coming back and re-watching?
A. Community. I think I've seen every episode at least 3 times. Some of them possibly more than 7 each.

26. Among your friends, what are you best known for?
A. Being objective and hypercritical.

27. Who of your friends is most like you?
A. I like to think each one of my main friends has one or two characteristics like mine that is unique to them and that's what makes them stand out. I want to say my sister just because we had similar upbringings.

28. What was the most traumatizing moment of your life?
A. Recently I went through a really huge slump when someone strung me along with a bunch of stuff I have been longing for my whole life and then threw me away and treated me like shit in one day after months of build-up. That tied with the time I saw a dog die and didn't know what to do about it.

29. What's the best lesson you've learned from a work of fiction?
A. I can't think of a best lesson. There is this one episode of Community I look back to a lot in Season 3 where Annie decides to move in with Troy and Abed. She basically says that she works her ass off to try to fit in with her friend group and be accepted because she isn't their norm, but they never put in any effort to ask "how can I hang out with you?". There are a lot of times in my life where I am put to the wayside because of my life choices. I don't drink, smoke, or party or anything. I like an actual conversation. I like video games. A lot of people in my life think you can't have a good time without substances. A lot of people also tell me they agree with that statement and then abandon me to go get sloshed. This taught me to keep standards for myself and realize that I should stick to my guns. If other people want to judge me and treat me differently for my life choices when I don't do the same to them, then it's more on them than it is me. Something like that.

30. What's something you'll never do again?
A. Hopefully drink straight or almost straight tequila or rum because that shit was fucking repulsive.


Creepers and Actual Creepers

Lately, I have found myself impulsively talking about sexual harassment on Twitter. I'm not trying to make any big political statement with it. I really don't think I have or will say anything that hasn't already been said. I just find the topic interesting and necessary. It is a shame that we had to do a witch hunt for a bunch of mongers to get this topic mainstream and although I don't think the ends necessarily justify the means, I am trying to make lemonade out of rocks by saying that I'm glad more people are talking about it and reflecting on it. I like to think that anyone regularly following things I make or anyone coming across this post would agree if I said that the romantic/sexual world is much more dangerous for women than it is for men. I hope we aren't saying it is because of men being men though.

I'm not a social justice warrior for men. They have been scientifically proven to be horny... a lot. The ones that let that horniness get in the way of empathy and common sense are the ones that worry me. These are the targets, but it is a lot easier to say "men" than "men that are mentally capable of being sexually abusive creepers". This is not a post defending men in general. Actually, as usual, I don't really know if there is one concrete point to these blog plots or if anyone cares if there is. I think the two things I take away from this series of publicized travesties are that men shouldn't feel self-conscious and that women are definitely the majority of victims.

I have mental issues that I have whined about several times on my channel and on this blog even more. One of them is being hypercritical of myself. More than whatever you're thinking right now probably. I don't have things as simple as "I wonder if my ass looks fat in these jeans" or "Do I say 'like' too much in everyday conversation?" I feel like a plague on society even if I can firmly reassure myself I haven't done anything wrong. Talking to girls that I find attractive at all feels like a crime to me. It's not the "oh he's a shy boi" kind of thing we all know about. It isn't a TV trope of bashfulness. It's this feeling that introducing myself is a burden. It's the preemptive assumption that no one would ever want to get to know me in general so if I'm interested in getting to know a pretty lady, I instantly shoot myself down. I quickly instill reasons (within seconds) of how I'm too ugly, my hair is too weird, my career is a constant failure, I'm a low-life, yadda yadda. We're all our own worst critic and all that, but my inner self-critic is usually fighting myself on whether or not I'm a Shonen Jump monster or just a normal guy with weird hair. This is the kind of audience I hope to reach.

Right now, saying anything short of "women are victims and men can all get castrated and go to hell" is a ticket across a minefield. So again, I will say women are definitely the victims here and the popular cases we have been hearing about in the past few months were by no means in the right upon acting. Most of them can't even offer a real apology, not that it would undo the damage anyways. I fear, and this is probably extreme, that we are going towards a society where women dismiss more and more men in general just because they are men. Men like me who never want to even look at someone weird because it might hurt their feelings are now officially labeled as men, and therefore due to recent events, suspects. They aren't instantly labeled as monsters like the rest of them sure, but now we have to worry about whether or not someone is going to find us creepy... but not just undesirable: actually dangerous. Alfred Hitchcock level creepy. At the end of the day, we know who we are right? Any logical person can read up on the Louis C.K. confirmed allegations and spurt out through a mouthful of chewed popcorn "glad I'm not that kind of guy." Well, it isn't that simple for everyone.

I'm sure that this isn't a majority but I know there are plenty of people out there that think more like me when it comes to introspection. Introspection isn't just meditation or asking things about the self in a critical manner for people like me. Introspection in my brain is a war between my innocence and insecurities. When I see so much stuff out there from so many random people from so many different kinds of lives saying "down with men, you're all fucking pigs", I kind of start looking into myself like "am I still awful, just not as awful?"As horrible as this comparison is, if you look at it emotionlessly, rapists want someone to touch, kiss, and eventually fuck and the most gentlemanly gentleman also wants someone to touch, kiss, and eventually fuck, their motives are just less kinetic. When you look at the situation at a more broad level like this, the rapist still seems more or less the same. The gentlemanly gentlemen, on the other hand, is a lot more complex because sexuality is complex. Every kink and turn-off came from somewhere and then when you are initiating something sexual or something that plants that metaphorical seed, you are asking someone to share that big complex bundle with someone else. On a surface level, there is no way you will be able to untie this bundle in a day. Probably not even in a month. Put more simply, people like me will get self-conscious about being creepy because the media have been bringing really creepy people to the mainstream chopping block. Again, I think this is a good thing. These people need to answer for their crimes. But I feel people like me also pay a price, albeit exponentially smaller, for their stupid and inconsiderate actions.

I know in recent lighting, and rightfully so, women feel less safe now because of these things than usual. Men like me who have weird mental quirks that I just mentioned as well as men also like me who definitely admire and appreciate women as they would any man (just, you know, I don't think men are sexy but that's for another blog) probably aren't sure how to approach this kind of thing anymore. How do we grow the balls that have already receded back into our intestines because of how afraid we are of not just rejection, but insulting the woman's very existence by approaching her at all? I even find myself in platonic situations where I more often just want to meet this person that also happens to be a woman but then start watching myself to make sure that I'm not a huge fucking creep. This is irrational but still very real. Now women are more scared than before (and again, that is probably smart) which makes these things even harder. I see this as a problem and ladies and gentlemen, in the next paragraph I am going to try to explain why without sounding like a disgusting chauvinist cunt!

I currently live with women and men. I have lived with women my entire life. I have met some pretty incredible women. They aren't incredible because they're women. There are so many countless qualities about these particular individuals that would draw me to them and make me respect them to the ends of the Earth before what genitals they have had been brought into the discussion at all. I'm sure I was just as insecure talking to a lot of these women as well (minus my mom and sister of course) and this isn't because I wanted to fuck their brains out, it's because I was afraid they would think I wanted to fuck their brains out. But these women stepped away from the cage I put myself in. They saw the innocence that was actually there. They saw fear. They didn't see a horny and desperate man. Sure they might have seen a flawed, sad, and obviously depressed man in some instances, but they took the chance that I wasn't trying to sexually assault them. Good thing I wasn't, right? So now my main fear is that most women or a large number of American women are going to feel the need to be so defensive that meeting men who care about them or just want to have an interesting conversation are going to be dismissed before they have a chance to ask what time it is. So this particular point isn't even so much about dating or sex. If you see a man walking down the street, heading your way, wearing a pea coat, jeans, gym shoes, maybe a hat (?), you don't know what he wants. Does he want anything? Does he want to talk to you? Does he want to borrow change for a payphone? Does he want you to help him get something out of the back of his car? Because if he does, tell him to fuck off.

So let's split this off onto the genders:

Boys: Don't be down on yourself because of the idiocies of other men. If you're not a pig, you're not a pig. If you genuinely care for a girl or just want to try out a girl you see at some party or something, just try talking to them. Don't touch them without permission. You'll be fine. I can't take my own advice of course and will continue to be terrified of this for the rest of my days but you don't have to be me. Imagine you're uh... your favorite superhero or something for confidence. Don't sexually abuse them and you won't sexually abuse them. There is no way to accidentally rape someone.

Girls: Here I don't know what to say. How the hell am I supposed to tell you to let your guard down a little bit when every public outing with men is a risk? Even men you know could rape you statistically speaking. I want to say, if nothing else, learn the signs. Men are usually pretty damn transparent and terrible liars. This is where you all have the upper hand, yeah? If I wanted to talk to you platonically, we would probably be introduced in some scenario or we would be standing near each other long enough to where I might try to make small talk. I will probably make a sarcastic remark at something nearby. Now if I want to hit on you... actually it's not all that different. I might be a little more flirty but I'm not going to hint at your tits, or what you look like naked, or how big my dick is and how cool it would be if you sucked it. I'm not going to advance unless you do or we have known each other for a long time and then we talk about the elephant in the room or something. If we both know there is something there and it's pretty obvious, I'm still going to verbally find out what's going on before Louis C.K.ing you. When a guy is trying to be persuasive, put up the shield. Persistence and persuasion are not the same word for reasons. Me continuing to talk to you after an awkward move is different from "c'mon baby just gimme a chance for one fackin night." That's my two cents. Stay safe.

I hope I got the point across. Ultimately the point I made isn't that complex, it just isn't made often because it's hard to put plainly without sounding like a tool. On the other hand, saying "everybody just be kind to each other" is too vague for this topic in my opinion and we should just generally be doing that anyways. Be cautiously optimistic about possibly befriending a male, you might just find a life-changing person, maybe even one that will never fuck you. At the same time, don't return that can of mace.

Only Games I Give a Crap About in 2018

I did this last year and then revisited the list in late December and it was fun to write and surprisingly fun to look back on. Since this blog has somehow lasted long enough for me to make something annual, welcome to the 2018 edition of me preemptively judging games that I haven't played.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is still one of my favorite games that I own for PS4. It's not that it really does anything revolutionary in the RPG genre or even for Digimon. This is, however, probably one of the best Digimon games ever made. That isn't saying much because most Digimon games are pretty broken. Cyber Sleuth wasn't without it's faults but it was a very solid RPG with a decently gripping narrative and some genuinely funny moments. It never really felt grindy to me either. Hacker's Memory looks about the same game. I'm really scared that they are just going to microwave the first game and make it again but hopefully I'm wrong. Even so, of all of the games to rehash for a quick buck, Cyber Sleuth would be one that I wouldn't be infuriated by.


Dissidia has always seemed like a really cool concept to me and being able to pit Terra, Squall, Cloud, Sephiroth, and a bunch of other people together is a weeb's dream, to say the least. I never had a PSP so I could only enjoy the original Dissidia through YouTube footage of what potential the game had. When I heard they were porting it to console, I got really excited, really fast. Upon further reflection and research it seems they are unfortunately taking a page from the book of Capcom and making separate versions of the release. Certain versions have more characters and they haven't really specified which ones are on which versions. On top of this, there are certain characters that were in the original Dissidia that appear missing from the Dissidia official website. For example: Squall, last I checked was not on the website. Are you really going to market a Final Fantasy fighting game to edgelords and leave Squall as a bonus character that they have to spend money on? I really hope I'm wrong because Dissidia looks very fun and unique. I usually don't get excited for fighting games that aren't Super Smash Bros. so please Square Enix! Please don't make me incredibly disappointed in you!


I fucking love Kirby. Kirby has been going down a similar road that Mario has been going down where they have just been streamlining each new installment and nothing too exciting or refreshing has happened. From what I've played and seen of both since the Wii era, I can say Kirby has not been doing as bad or pandering as Mario, and this gives me hope for Kirby Star Allies. It looks very visually appealing and although nothing crazy groundbreaking for the series has been shown yet, they are implementing some very interesting mixes of mechanics from older games and some new powers that I'm very curious to see play out. The only problem is I do not own nor do I want to own a Switch. I think the console is an overhyped nuisance and it's game library is stifled to insulting. But between Breath of the Wild, this game, and the recently announced Bayonetta 3, they may or may not have my materialistic hands tied. Truth be told on a more personal note, I have way too many games on my shelf right now that I haven't beaten, so I can hold off on games for a while. Let's say they start developing say Super Smash Bros 5 or something and it actually looks good and new to some degree, they will definitely have me at hook in mouth. Hell, at this point, you could really sell me on Smash Bros and Kirby if they come up with Smash 5 because that's just how much I love Kirby platformers.


I haven't played Fortnite yet but it sounds like it's just a rip-off of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Usually, I hate it when developers rip off of other developers in any sense but for one, a 100-man battle royale with guns and slight survival mechanics is a fun idea but not a very nuanced or genre-shattering one. For a second point, PUBG has supposedly been a mess since launch and on its full release was somehow worse. Fortnite, from what little I know of it, seems to actually function and have virtually all of the same things that make PUBG fun without having to spend any money to start having fun. On top of that Fortnite has technically not hit 1.0 release yet, hence how it is allowed on this list. Even if you are a huge fan of PUBG or like it over Fortnite, you can at least see why I find Fortnite to be way more appealing to try out of the two, I'm sure. Unlike most of the games that I get excited for I actually have friends who will probably play this one with me frequently too, making it even more enticing.

KINGDOM HEARTS III (PS4) (let's try this again, Squeenix)

Square Enix is making me look like a fanboy jackass. On this blog and in my own real life I keep bringing up Kingdom Hearts III and how it is going to be one of the only games I feel like I absolutely need to purchase coming out soon and the damn thing just keeps getting pushed back. Good on them for this decision on paper because I'm really getting sick of companies dishing out a deadline to their development team knowing that the game is faulty and just letting future patches take care of it. On the other hand there is no guarantee that they are fixing anything notable or doing anything beneficial to the game. We wouldn't know this to be factual or falsehood even if they weren't being super vague about most things in the game as is. Honestly, at this point, I wouldn't even be shocked or upset if they pushed it back to 2019. I feel like I've been thrown around in a pool of my own adolescent disappointment since Dream Drop came out in 2012 so as it stands now... whatever... whatever is my stance on the game finally coming out. In other words, I'll believe it when I see it... but replace "believe" with "get irrationally excited".


Oh yeah. I guess they're making a second Red Dead. I never beat the first one but I did enjoy the many hours I sunk into it and will say it is easily one of my top three favorite Rockstar games if not my absolute favorite. Yes, even rivaling Grand Theft Auto 5. I don't know how excited I really am for a sequel but if I hear that it is actually pretty phenomenal then I might spend way too much money to give it a whirl.


I give a crap about this game but not for the reasons that I usually do for the other ones on the list. I'm actually a bit pissed. The World Ends With You is a very special game to me and one of my favorite RPG's ever made. Part of what made it stand out is its ridiculous control scheme that in my opinion can only be delivered through the dual screen systems they were designed for. The Switch has a portable option and I already read that the game will let you change views between Neku and your partner or something like that. This entirely defeats the purpose of the original game, not just in combat, but in overworld exploration and almost every single other thing I can think of. Even the stupid pin mini-game will probably not be as fun anymore! If you don't like it, don't buy it, I hear you say... in my head... Fine. Again, I don't even own a Switch. That is the reason you don't hear me ranting too often about things like Pokken Tournament, Shovel Knight, or Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze getting Switch ports. Even if a few new elements are added, they are still virtually the same game and have come out recently enough to have nearly identical control schemes. TWEWY is one of the few games in history to have a gimmicky control scheme and simultaneously pull off a unique and gripping story AND be an innovative and well-designed game. So what's the real problem here? Nobody gave a fuck about it! This game has a dedicated cult-following, which I guess is a decent reason for a Switch port? But the reason it has a cult following and not just a normal following like more popular IP's is because, at least over here in the states, it got zero traction. Even Nintendo Power magazine, back when that was something people cared about, talked it up and did articles and a review on it, its sales still weren't so hot. I can't blame people for not being instantly enthralled with the idea of TWEWY. I can even see it being intimidating or just generally unattractive at first glance. I think this means that they will release this decade-old game that didn't leave that big of an impact and make a worse version of it. Since it is the most recent version and nobody played the DS version, its legacy won't be the masterpiece that I bought on release day; it will be that one weird Switch game with Kingdom Hearts pixel art and shitty controls. My advice? Dust off your DS and find a cheap copy of the original. Save yourself the trouble. I'm glad they're adding new scenarios and whatever but why on Switch? Maybe I'm being overly presumptuous and it won't be that bad. They are taking one of the few games on the planet that I have a deep emotional attachment to and stringing it up on a cross. They better resurrect it in three days and make it so glorious that people make a holiday out of it, or I'm gonna be pissed. Did I just compare a DS cartridge to Jesus Christ?

BAYONETTA 3 (Switch)

I really liked Bayonetta 1 and 2. I bought them on impulse not too long after I got my Wii U and have fond memories of both games. I thought they were both equally pretty great for different reasons from one another. I thought though, based on where the plot went, there could never be a Bayonetta 3. I got really pumped at the short teaser, even though it's just a really glowy number. Then I was slapped in the face with the reality that since Nintendo owns Bayonetta now, and the Wii U is essentially dead, Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive to Switch. Fuck you... but well played. If they can release enough shit that interests me, they will coax me into buying a Switch, even though I really do NOT want one. At this point, as I said above, if they make a new Super Smash Bros., I will gladly buy a Switch, Breath of the Wild, Kirby Star Allies, and Bayonetta 3. You're starting to twist my arm and I don't like it, Nintendo. I dun liek it wun bit...


I honestly almost forgot to put this here. The Last of Us was a fairly unique, intense, and overall enjoyable experience. I thought that upon release it was one of the best games I had ever played and from a design standpoint it was nearly perfect. Since then my views have changed but I still think it is worth revisiting and an above average game. I'm really interested to see, if only in story depiction, where they go with a second installment. I like the fact that several years have passed already and I haven't seen much more on it. I will say this is one of the games I am the most excited for this year, if it even comes out this year. Nothing beats Kingdom Hearts III though. But this and Digimon are the only games on this list where I'm thinking "alright, if they do this right, they have earned my purchase". The rest of them are like "yeah, okay, that's pretty cool, I guess".

So all in all, based on that last statement, you can tell that I'm not super pumped for 2018's future games so far. Maybe I'll be proven wrong. Did I miss anything? Don't say Monster Hunter World. I'm sure that game will be awesome, I just don't want to invest time into Monster Hunter right now. Did I miss anything that isn't Monster Hunter World? Tell meh! TELL MEEE PLEASE! In any case I hope that I am pleasantly surprised by the games on this list. On top of all this, the game industry works in mysterious ways, especially when indie developers are in question. If something else grabs me, I'll tell you about it next Winter. Thanks for reading! New videos coming soon on my YouTube channel so check that out too. I guess. Whenever they come out.


"Only Games I Give a Crap About in 2017" Revisited

I just stumbled on an old post I made about games that were coming out this year and how interested I was to see where they would go. Here's an update on those since a lot of them are out now.

Didn't bother. It looks like Nidhogg with uglier graphics. There are notable changes, but I really don't care enough.

Sonic Forces.... nope... fuck all that shit. I haven't played it. I have no desire to. I think even if you are a Sonic fan, you know why and have to agree that it's at least fair. It is at least fair to assume that the game will make me angry and therefore you can't blame me for avoiding it.

Capcom can suck my dick. You have to pay like, what, $80 to have the game and all of its characters. But as a game, it looks too similar to MvC3 and I wasn't crazy about that one to begin with. This is really sad because MvC2 is one of my favorite fighting games ever and there are a lot of cool characters in Infinite. Too bad. Sorry, Capcom. You won't be stealing my lunch money this day!

I didn't play much of it, but its fun (I played the Switch version). I don't think it is as good as people are saying it is, but I think that about every Zelda game because everyone pumps up the games to god tier. Breath of the Wild only pisses me off with its stamina system. I don't mind the food system. I like the weapon wearing system. The controls feel great. The visuals, frame rate drops aside, are great. It's really almost everything you could want in a Zelda game and I didn't care enough to buy it, but what little I did play was enjoyable. I think it is a worthy addition to the series. But I don't like Ocarina so I don't have the right to say that, do I? BRB, fucking myself.

I'm sorry, Shiness developers. I still haven't gotten around to this one, but I want to. I didn't want to get it on the recent Steam sale because if I finally get around to it, I want to do a full-price purchase or at least a very small discount.

No complaints here. The Dream Drop Distance remaster is really clean and fun and Fragmentary was fucking great. If KHIII is anything like Fragmentary, it will be my new favorite game in the franchise, barre none.

Sonic Mania exceeded every expectation I had and it's still fun to fuck around with every once in a while now. It's not my favorite Sonic game, but it has a strong argument for the best. It was made by fans with a budget. In other words, it was made by people who actually gave a fuck. Play Sonic Mania. You can thank me later.

Yep. Still haven't played this one either. Whoops.

What a huge damn disappointment. I don't completely hate Yooka-Laylee but at the same time fuck Yooka-Laylee and fuck me for being so excited for it in the first place. I feel violated by a green, personality-less chameleon...


Um... what other games came out in 2017 that I got and thought were fun?
This is one of my new favorite games ever. No, I'm not joking. It's fucking amazing. If you like platformers, you are doing yourself the biggest disservice by not playing Specter of Torment. It's worth the price of everything else you get by buying Shovel Knight. If they greedily released it as its own game, I would still buy it. It was free DLC. Fuck you, Yacht Club TAKE MY MONEY!!!

This is such a great game. I bought it day one as kind of a "fuck it, why not?" It is one of the best games I've ever played. I sound like Buzzfeed or something stupid right now but trust me, A Hat in Time is fantastic. It isn't super time-consuming either unless you are a mad-man like me and want to complete the game.

Okay, I couldn't think of anything else. No, for real. I think N. Sane Trilogy is pointless. Crash 2 and Crash Warped are two of my favorite games of all time and I can say with certainty that the N. Sane versions are objectively worse. However, Crash 1 is a bit more of a gray area. There are many things that I personally believe were greatly improved with this bitch of a game. If you can find it pretty cheap, it might be worth it just to have a playable version of Crash 1?????????

I didn't really like Horizon: Zero Dawn...

Yeah, that's it. What other games came out in 2017 that were super gosh dang dope?
Hopefully I'll do this next year too but honestly, meh. Kingdom Hearts III and Dissidia NT (and maybe The Last of Us Part II?) are the only games that strike my fancy coming out in 2018. Let me know if I'm missing something. Strike my fancy!


Did I Do My New Year's Resolutions?

I don't think I did. I did a very bad job of keeping up with my new year's resolutions. I did an old blog post on things that I planned on doing or changing or throwing out, etc. I feel pretty fucking unaccomplished. Why post this publicly? Well, let's keep going and find out the reason why as we go because despite what it may look like, I don't think too far ahead when I post on this blog. What's that? You said you assumed that already? Good eye... dick.

This was the general idea and even that didn't happen. I had a huge crippling depression spell from early August to about mid-October. I'm not saying that my overwhelming sorrow was not justified or an excuse to be a pussy, but it happened. There were full weeks where I barely got anything done, even though I was sleeping 2.5-5.5 hours every night for almost two whole months. Yeah, trust me, it was bad.

Nope. I haven't written a whole lot of anything since the summer. I have been making some pretty decent strides in mixing my current Lexi Karma project I think. I've been experimenting with audio post-production sort of stuff and learning along the way through both triumph and mistake. It's strange: when it comes to mixing right now, I am currently the most insecure I have ever been about my ability to mix audio than I have ever felt in my life, but I also don't feel like beating myself up about it too hard. Maybe a little, but not a noticeable amount.

I'm in the mixing phase of this, so this pretty much just adds on to what I just said above. I'm working on it more often than I was, but it's still not done. It still just doesn't sound where I want it to be, but it's actually pretty close.

Selected? No. But I have been working on two big ideas and a couple of other songs on the side of those. So I'm sure I will come up with something. Will it come out by December 2018? We'll see. That would be nice though.

I still don't feel good enough. Specifically, I think I suck really bad at perspective. I can only draw like 8 directions for characters to face in. What is this, Family Guy? Anyone? Nah? Alright.

Still writing. I'm writing something else that I started recently that I'm pretty damn proud of so far in very early stages. I might do that first just to get out there and get some good practice in. Mistakes made through that will make my main passion of a story execute much more smoothly. Or at least that's the theory.

I haven't made a new video (except for one podcast) since April. Fucking April. I'm working on it bit by bit and with what I set up in this next big video will make future videos easier. At the same time, uggggghhhhh!!! Sometimes I fucking hate doing this shit, but I'm getting better at it and it challenges me to get better at the things it involves. One time I tried to quit Randomrings and I was more miserable for it. I have to keep it around, at least for this major phase of my life. Maybe longer? I like that it is a goofy little portfolio that grows from cringey horse-shit to ... something better than that.

Well again, I haven't uploaded anything but a podcast since April so yeah, I hope it's not my damn job or I'm going to be homeless two months ago.

I did move out, but (as I stated and vaguely explained in a previous blog post) I didn't move to where I necessarily wanted. I live with people I trust, but damn. Every day is a reminder of how gullible I can be. It sounds sad but this is necessary for this phase of life to remember never to let anyone get that deep into my mind again, especially when a huge life-changing plan is potentially set in place.

Not really. I have learned this year that there is a large group of people in my life that just generally hate me. That doesn't really bother me that much except a lot of them are friends of friends. In other words, I have a small group of specific friends (a few of which I live with) that have friends who all instantly assume I'm a monster. I'm able to block them out, it doesn't matter, but it does mean something. These certain people are what many of you creative people or at least game dweebs like me might call "normal" or more for the time period that this is being written in "basic". These are the kind of people that think I'm an insufferable, pessimistic, overwhelming, negative asshole. A lot of people like these people exist. So logic suggests that this control group of people have hatred for me and they are basic for lack of a better term, therefore if Basic (with hatred for me) = Majority, then Majority = people who are never going to see me as anything other than a prick. I have also realized to this effect that I don't really drink so most public places in America where you meet new people are not accepting of me in that regard either. My chances of meeting new people who appreciate me or just having a good time without having to worry about being singled out are pretty damn slim based on studying and calculating recent events and the past few years of patterns found in specific people I know. I tried, I went to places, but over time it was rendered pointless and I still never feel comfortable no matter where I am, even by myself, but now I at least realize that this isn't my fault. So despite how negative and terrible all that sounds, I think it's actually pretty positive. Being an optimistic person is fine and all, but if you don't acknowledge the negative or see what you can gain from negativity then you are just being ignorant. Realizing negativity is in your life and pointing it out doesn't make you a pessimist. Being negative for no reason or asserting your own pain onto others to feel better about yourself is a bit more pessimistic and something that I myself don't do. Realizing that negative things are happening in my life and people are blaming me for it but then further noticing that I am not actually doing anything to hurt anyone (in most cases, quite the opposite) then I see optimism, health, or at least I see something objective and neutral. Ooops. That was too long, wasn't it?

I completely dropped the ball. I have been way too depressed and then afterward busy to keep trying this. Right now I'm too insecure for this sort of thing anyway. I'm sure it will pass, but for now, I just can't bring myself to it. Also, there are just other things I want to focus on. I need to narrow my focuses.

2017 was probably the worst year of my entire life so far. Not just in productivity, but in mental health, diet, exercise regimen, romance, friendships, trust, self-esteem; you name it, it probably got knocked down a few pegs this year. But I went back to school, I'm living in a new place where I have fewer restrictions on what I can do and when I can do it. All in all, I think it is the start of a lot of new things, I just have to be more careful in 2018.

So the point here is that satisfying every single goal you set for yourself as a new year's resolution is not the purpose of new year's resolutions at all. What you learn on the road of trying to attain said goals is what's important to actually accomplish the goals you want to accomplish and seeking out the things you want in life.

Time for me to go make some more mistakes then. You too. Go have fun with doing that.


Update that I didn't want to put in a video

Where the fuck have I been?

I actually recorded a whole update video for this but decided that it sounded too whiney and vague to live with. I will vaguely explain here. If you want the short story, then just note that 2017 has easily been the worst year of my life so far and look towards the bottom where I start listing where I'm at with everything that I have been working on. If you want more details, then read on.

In Spring of 2017, I was fairly content with making music and videos and trying to land gigs in voice acting and music along with other stuff I just happened to be good at. I wasn't in bliss but I also wasn't completely suicidal, which at the time was a big deal for me on a personal level. I've talked about my mental health here and on the channel before but to recap: I generally don't like myself very much, I don't think anything I do is good enough for anyone at any capacity, and I have common thoughts of suicide. Waaaah said the baby. Let's move on.

One of my best friends had a large gathering of friends for her birthday a year prior. I met one of her best friends who hadn't been in town for a while and her boyfriend. They came back to visit in May of this year, or at least she did. At the time she was trying to make a complete move to California with her boyfriend and she told me and a few more friends to join. I was one of the few in the circle of friends who actually considered because I thought moving to California might help speed up my career or at least be an adventure that would perk up my mental state. We started becoming closer and closer, this girl and I, and she always put me in a position where everything I hated in myself was bullshit. Something about it was very convincing to me. I eventually decided the move would happen for sure because this is someone that I could trust without a doubt. I mean, this is one of my best friends' childhood friend. What could possibly go wrong?

You know what happens when someone optimistically says "what could possibly go wrong" right? Yep. A big anvil fell on my head in the form of GIANT WALL OF FUCKING DRAMA. It's worth the all caps... okay no it's not. Sorry for the caps. To put it (kind of) in perspective, it wasn't a situation like "oh sorry I know this is last minute but we decided we won't be able to do it, or at least not this year" or "my boyfriend decided to go for a master's degree so it probably won't work and we don't want you to waste money and effort on our stupid decisions." I was thrown to the curb. Destroyed. And it was poised as if it was my fault. At least I didn't get grifted out of any money or anything but I was devastated. I have a really solid support group of actual friends though, and people have been jerking me around my whole life. But once I started becoming (kind of) mentally healthy again, another giant wall of drama happened and I'm still kind of processing that.

Not to sound narcissistic but maybe 5% of this drama was my fault, and a lot of people would probably argue that 0% of it was my fault or that all of it was definitely instigated by someone other than myself. I say this to assure you that I will be fine, but I have a lot on my mind right now. I'm sick of sitting around in the past though, even if some of it seems inevitable. I'm sick of giving my mind a rest. There were like two months where I barely got anything done and just felt damn miserable. "Oh, but your brain is a part of your body! If your leg was broken you would go to fix it!" Yeah, so your leg just walks you around. If you need to walk, then yeah, get that fixed. Your brain does everything. It has taken too long to heal and I can't wait around for its slow ass anymore. Mind... Mind ass? Ultimately I'm not thinking about killing myself or anything and there are a lot of arguably positive things happening in my life, so I'll be fine. Okay, pity party sissy fuckwad pussy dickhole bullshit over. What am I working on?

I'm still working on whatever videos I said I was going to work on fucking forever ago (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater) but first I want to introduce the new shit and new format with Yooka-Laylee. Again, this was supposed to be out when people were still talking about Yooka-Laylee but oh well. After this one comes out, the other ones should come out much quicker. In the meantime, I did release a podcast thingy on the channel as well. I want to do more. We'll see. There are a lot of things I want to do.

Who cares? But I'm working on this 6-song electronic thing. It's almost done. I just hate my mixing job right now and don't know how to master for shit. Speaking of:

The only hangup is the audio. It's not even bad, I just can't get what I want out of it and it stresses me out everytime I work on it. Also, Brad and I just don't want to think about it that much by now but I swear it will ALL be released at some point because I really like it all. There was not one bad session.

I went back to school for the third time. Maybe this time I'll stay. Good news is a lot of my credits transferred so I'm basically a Junior in my first term. Yeah, they kind of like to call me a badass around here. An academic badass! Or... they would, but its all online... my mom says I'm handsome! Fuck off!

In all seriousness, I want to give out a heartfelt thank you to anyone who has ever taken in anything I've ever made and will continue to make. So yeah, thanks. More on the way. Maybe even more blogs because I basically can't afford therapy right now! Weeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Sonic Questions I found from @wounkun

Some Twitter account labeled @wounkun posted this survey kind of thing. Spazkid (check him out if you haven't) retweeted it and I thought it was kind of interesting to see what kinds of general consensuses people did or did not mutually come to.

My Sonic background: Sonic 2 was, to my memory, the first video game I ever played and it made me want more. I started to make my own creative things (music, cartoons, scripts/stories) based on stuff I saw in video games because I was so enthralled with the medium and how it tied in so many other forms of media to make a whole new work of art. I'm not one of those "the old games were better" kind of guys because I played a lot of the old games (1991-2001) and a lot of the more recent ones. With every great Sonic game there is a wide array of installments that are so-so at the very best. A lot of which are rushed messes though. At least that's just my opinion, to get you started with this thing. Okay, here are my answers:

1. Favorite Sonic Game:
A: Sonic 2, though I'm usually torn between 2 and 3.

2. BEST Sonic Game:
A: Sonic Mania. It's the only Sonic game where I have to go hypercritical to think of flaws.

3. Worst Sonic Game:
A: Everyone knows it's Sonic '06 so to not be boring I'll say the runner-up is probably either Shadow the Hedgehog or Unleashed on Wii.

4. Best Adventure Game:
A: Adventure 2, assuming Sonic Rush Adventure doesn't count.

5. Best Boost Engine Game:
A: Sonic Generations. The only ones I can think of that even come close are Colors and Rush Adventure. Rush Adventure's mini-games aren't as fun as Generations' and Colors' alien color mechanic was too contrived.

6. Best Classic Game:
A: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

7. Most Underrated Game:
A: Sonic Rush Adventure

8. Most Challenging Game:
A: Again, Sonic '06 for the wrong reasons. I would say the most consistently challenging while still being varied, albeit sometimes also for the wrong reasons: Sonic and the Secret Rings? Sonic Advance 2 and 3 if you don't want to count "bullshit" as a challenge.

9: Favorite Sonictuber:
A: I guess Tails' Channel. I don't really like channels that focus on one game series or topic, even it is one I like or find interesting. Tails' Channel is news, sometimes presented in a fun way. Even when it's not super entertaining, it's practical.

10: Favorite Character:
A: Sadly, probably Shadow... I know.

11: Least Favorite Character:
A: Amy. Fuck Amy.

12: Most Annoying Character:
A: Still Amy. Even Charmy, who is supposed to be annoying by design, ends up rattling my skull less than Amy.

13: Favorite Playable Character (in what game?):
A: That's really broad. I guess Sonic in almost any combination in Sonic Advance 3?

14: Favorite Fan Game:
A: Does Sonic Mania count? I don't really play the fan games but Utopia looks promising.

15: Least Favorite Sonictuber:
A: Basically all of them. I really can't single out just one. Sorry, "Sonictubers".

16: Do you want more playable characters? If so, who?
A: Again, really broad. It depends on the general focus of the game and if it has multiplayer or a reason to have multiple characters at all. So in the case that the answer may be yes, I really like Blaze, Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Espio. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are some of the only characters that have powers and backstories of their own. Most of the other characters in terms of ability (other than the seven I just mentioned and Silver) are typically just worse versions of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

17: Favorite "Alternative" Gameplay:
A: Any special stage in Mania.

18: Favorite Sonic YouTube Video:
A: Knuckles Chaotix by Egoraptor.

19: Favorite Sonic Song:
A: Tie between Emerald Hill from Sonic 2 and Ex-Boss from Sonic Advance 3.

20: Least Favorite Playable Character:
A: Big from Sonic Adventure 1. No, I'm serious.

21: Do you dislike the Sonic community?
A: I dislike people using the Internet's general anonymity for excusable aggression. Asking if someone dislikes the Sonic fanbase is a loaded question, and because Sonic is such a varied, popular, and long-running franchise, generalizing them is like trying to generalize the world's population. I sometimes make videos about Sonic, listen to the soundtracks, and occasionally play the games. Sometimes I even enjoy them! So by these similarities, I'm in the same boat as a hypothetical artist who draws homosexual Sonic-themed porn, am I not? It's the people that try to pick fights with people over Sonic that make me avoid the community and I think a lot of people would agree with that. So the short answer to that loaded question is "no", but I think the question is important so people will study internet/video game culture as a whole.


GHG is not coming in June, I guess

This is a big update on the revival of GHG (Grody Harmony Gaming), the old Let's Play series that I started with my friend Evan in 2015. My friend Brad suggested reviving it with actual editing and naturally fell into place as the other guy on the couch for GHG, as well as co-editor, which takes a huge weight off of my shoulders and makes even the recording process go smoother.

I originally stated on this blog and I think on Twitter that GHG would be back in June. Well, today's July 1st. So this post is about the present, the near future, and the distant future of GHG.


Absolutely, to both me being a dingus and GHG coming back. We have already recorded well over 60 new episodes, but it is taking a long time for us to finish editing them. On top of that, I am doing all of this branding and the artwork you will see in the videos. I still need to edit the actual intro video (yes, it has one of those now) and start work on the thumbnails. I have to make a lot of thumbnails.

Brad has been coming over pretty much every week since either late May or early June to record GHG sessions. One session was also my friend Tanner and me, which means Sonic.

Again, the main hold-ups are the thumbnails and intro video. That said, the main editing on the first 4-part series, a strange one-off, and 4 other episodes are already done, they just don't have the aforementioned thumbnails and intro videos.

What's taking me so long, you ask? You little shit! ...no, that's actually a valid question. A question of which that will lead into the near future of GHG.


We had to stop GHG in 2015 to focus on other things in our lives. GHG was too taxing on me at the time. I had a lot going on. That hasn't really changed but with Brad also editing, it made the concept of doing GHG again a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, a few days before Brad and I recorded our first in-person session since Nintendo Land, I had recently been offered a great opportunity to move to California with someone I greatly trust and deeply admire. So in late July, we will not be able to record at the capacity we are with the library that we currently have. Once again, GHG will have to come to a bitter end. At least this time it is for a better cause but still kind of sad considering we actually put in work this time. Who knows? Something tragic might happen and the original plan may fall through, but either way, I'm still going to be looking for a sensible path back to the coast if I can.

Brad and I have discussed it, and interestingly enough it will be in an episode for the world to see, but as for this moment, let's talk about what this means for now.

I will personally be uploading Bombernauts P1 and a special episode sometime in July. At LEAST one episode of GHG is going to go up before August 1st, but either way, no more recording will be done for the near future around that time.  We put a lot of thought into it this time around and I like the end result (which is saying a lot because I'm not a big let's play fan). At the end of the day, it is just a let's play. There are bigger things we want to do with our lives, hence why I'm moving to California and planning that out and raising money for that, et cetera.


Within my power, time and budget allowing, I will bring GHG back because as horrendously idiotic as the channel is, something about it in its new form has really stolen my heart. I am going to consider the 2015 recordings to be Season 1 of GHG. The current episodes that will be releasing very soon will be Season 2. Afterward, I don't know what a Season 3 will look like, or if it will ever exist. If I'm living 30 hours away from Brad though, it's safe to say I will be finding a new regular co-host.

As we discuss in an episode of GHG that we will release later, Brad has stated that I should use GHG as my own baby and do with the channel as I please after the big move. We will still be uploading episodes after I move, and honestly, we can probably still record a few Steam sessions (games like Payday 2, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers) but those aren't as good of quality as the others and are much more susceptible to lag... which really sucks in both editing and viewing because there isn't a whole lot you can do about it. Beyond that though, that will be the end of Season 2. If I find a regular in California and have the time, I will gladly procure a Season 3 of GHG, since most of the work is usually of my own vices anyways. Vices. I use smart words when I talk about making sex jokes over video games for babies.

Really, I feel weird about continually replacing the main person. The original idea for GHG was just supposed to be me and Evan with occasional guests and then I basically replaced him, but I have talked to him about it the whole way through. Replacing Brad has not only been blessed but mutually justified. Think about it: I'm in every fucking episode. Every single one. Season 1 and 2 combined, I have easily done more than 70% of the actual editing and everything. GHG is my baby. It's my deformed baby that I sometimes neglect in comparison to other babies (Randomrings Channel, Lexi Karma), but a baby I admire to some extent nonetheless.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy what we have been working on because as far as let's plays go, they are pretty great in my opinion. I wouldn't be releasing them if they weren't.


Mai feverit pokemun generations

I can't bring myself to do anything so it's time for a blog with a premise so pointless, I could never bring myself to make it into a video. So this is probably going to be two lists.

The first list will be a brief look into the mainline RPG titles in the Pokemon series (spin-offs and remakes excluded). The second list will be scrutinizing the actual creatures themselves. Why do I do this to myself? Eh. People read it. I am curious to see agreements and disagreements though considering people I have met in my actual offline life have come to some interesting points occasionally.

I am also going to exclude Generation 7 because I haven't played Sun and Moon. That would be unfair to compare them here because all of my knowledge of Sun and Moon is based on heresy and minor Google searches. I do like Salazzle and Lunala though, if that means anything to you.


#6: X and Y (Gen 6)

The thing with Pokemon, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing, is that its core gameplay in the main series has remained unchanged. It is so unchanged, in fact, that most of the stats of the creatures have not changed since 2001. Since all of the main games are turn-based RPG's, and the stats remain the same, it has been difficult to make a Pokemon game a chore to get through.

Welcome to X and Y, where aesthetics and gimmicks are the focus instead of comfort and any form of reward to the player! Yeah, so, a lot of the gripes you'll hear on these games from me specifically may be exaggerated to get a point across. I tend to do that. But I can assure you of my sincerity when I say that I hate X and Y, and out of all six main Pokemon RPG's, I can say with certainty that it is the only one I can say I truly don't like. It did revamp the Exp. Share system and did a lot of things that were brought to their full potential in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (which by the way are goddamn incredible games), in X and Y they just brought ease to an already watered down version of Pokemon. If you didn't know, Pokemon's main stories are already pretty easy to get past. The story depiction in X and Y is tryhard but directionless, the game gives you handouts even up until you catch Mewtwo, and the roller blades are garbage. These should be optional items to put on a la the bicycle in umm.... hmmm... EVERY OTHER GAME SINCE GOLD AND SILVER! The bicycle in X and Y functions but you can't use it everywhere and most of the places you can are not necessarily beneficial to use the bike in. In other words, X and Y forces you to use its most unattractive gimmick. Don't even get me started on the stupid 3D city where the controls make 3D Sonic look reasonable. Holy wow!

Traversing areas needs to at least be functional in a Pokemon game because it is the mechanic in the game that gives players a sense of choice and the illusion that they have gone on a journey. If this aspect isn't fun, then crunching numbers is all that's left. I mean, the visuals look great, but I think I've established by now that in the grand scheme of this game, it really doesn't matter.

#5: Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum (Gen 4)

I had Diamond but got so bored with it that I ended up selling it back after a few months. I know they were going for an online Pokemon experience but added too much fluff and unnecessary design choices on paper to make a great game. I'm mainly griping about little things like the transfer system that puts arbitrary time caps on things based on real time for no real reason. This and some things I don't fully remember from the underground mini-game portions are what brought Diamond and Pearl back. They were just overly ambitious games in a franchise that was already at its prime and didn't need to try this hard to win people over. There are a lot of things I do have to commend though.

As much as most people probably don't like the designs of some of the new evolution Pokemon such as Honchcrow, Gliscor, and Mamoswine, their inclusion in the game is actually very smart and something I would kind of like to see more of in future installments. For example of this, Generations 3 and 4 revealed some pretty powerful Pokemon, making the pool of powerful Pokemon that were once taken over completely by Pokemon such as Articuno, Dragonite, and Entei seem a lot less intimidating in relativity. Even in a slightly lower tier, a lot of Pokemon with cool ideas that could possibly survive some high-end battles in Generation 2 were later nearly useless. These are basically just updated Pokemon, and the challenge of evolving and teaching specific moves is still there too. So if you really like Sneasel, you probably shouldn't use Sneasel in most forms of competitive play, but certain tiers could be a good opportunity for Weavile, which is close enough. Touch screen functions in Pokemon are fantastic too. Controlling a Pokedex or even your fighting team with PDA-like controllers was a great idea that only got better as time went on. These reasons alone and the fact that, again, the Gen 4 games didn't try to fix too much of what wasn't broken, make DPP obviously better than X and Y... I think anyways. I know a lot of people will probably disagree because I didn't want to believe it myself, but after restarting X and Y several times to leech its starters and legendaries, I can't help but see it for its flaws, even in comparison to what used to be my least favorite: DPP.

#4: Black and White (Gen 5)

Then we get into what I actually consider to be not just good, but great games. Black and White isn't the best, but a solid RPG that continues to remind me of why I fell in love with this cock-fighting series in the first place. Black and White also tried at a plot and didn't shit itself like it usually does when it tries a story. Not essential but it's nice to see. I didn't appreciate this the first time I played it, but after starting over about a year ago (again, to leech starters and legendaries) I realized that this game is really damn fast. This is one of the fastest-paced Pokemon games ever. It runs really fast, the combat I mean. Well, I guess also the text. It also just does everything DPP did but better, which sounds like it's more complicated than just saying that, but it isn't. BW just does everything that DPP did but better. I guess if you really loved fucking around in the underground portions then you will miss that, but that's about it from what I can remember off the top of my head.

Black and White being so fast-paced, despite consistenly-animated sprites in battle and several 3D effects outside of battle, is something I really appreciate. This makes grinding or just hunting down a specific Pokemon slightly less of a chore, which is a big deal for any RPG ever. To put in perspective, XY or ORAS for example have great-looking 3D models on screen with several animations for different attacks or reactions to other things that effect them. This is really cool but takes longer to load, even in between each and every turn you take. BW speeds through. I swear it is almost doubly fast. As an RPG, Black and White functions really well, and honestly if I knew someone who only had a DS and wanted to get into Pokemon for the first time without blowing the bank on a 3DS, I would probably recommend this one. Unless their DS is an old backwards-compatible model like mine, in which case I'm not a complete idiot: RSE and FRLG are way more simple for a newcomer.

#3: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow (Gen 1)

That's not a typo, I did say that *gasp* RGBY is not the best Pokemon game ever! Oh MY! Seriously, why do people leap to defend this fucking game so much? Yes, it's revolutionary. Yes, it's still kind of fun. Yes, it's interesting to look back on. But as a fun game, remembering that fun is the point of games, the Gen 1 games have not remotely aged well. I feel like it should be without question, and yet it's still blasphemy to say it in public. It laid down the groundwork, the other games came in, cleaned up the debris, and built three malls and a group of classy restaurants. Even the stats are outdated; there wasn't very much balance even in comparison to Gen 2. Most of the Pokemon don't look that great, and even if they did, their names are almost all just various forms of grotesque wordplay.

But it's okay though because it's about the journey right? Remember that one... brick.... you walked past? Oh, or how about... cave? Seriously, Victory Road isn't even that visually appealing and it's building to the climax of the game!

Like I said before though, RGBY are interesting pieces of technology at the very least, and the character designs are pretty choice. Remember what I said about the previously mentioned games having unnecessary fluff? This was the first of its kind and it pushed the Game Boy technology nearly to its limits with how much information was stored, so fluff wasn't an option. Geez, I love cartridge games.

#2: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald (Gen 3)

This was the perfect evolution left off from the Gen 1 and Gen 2 games where almost everything was just bigger and better, especially if you are just talking about Emerald. Abilities changed the game forever, running shoes took away the only thing I hated about the games as a kid, and the plot in this one was delightfully over the top without being overbearing. After the giant rants on the other games, I have kind of run out of things to say about this one other than that. I like the characters, the Pokemon, the color palettes, the progression, the stupid PokeBlock mini-game that serves no real purpose but was still goofy. I love it all. But from sheer innovation, there is a game that trumps the rest.

#1: Gold, Silver, and Crystal (Gen 2)

I haven't played this one in a while but have sunk enough hours into it to have a decent grasp on what it's about. This one just mechanically revamped everything from the first games and added things that were innovative for RPG's. Some of the innovations were even unheard of for games in general for the most part. It was one of the first games ever to use actual real-world time to effect in-game events. So that's a pretty big deal. All in all there isn't much else to say other than you go back to Kanto from the first batch of games, so it has double the content, done smoother, and it feels welcoming to go do more in the game. So this one's pretty awesome. I also really like some of the Pokemon that were new here, which leads to giant list number 2!


#6: Generation 6 (Kalos)

Maybe it's just my general disdain for X and Y but X and Y's Pokemon were kind of a waste of space. Even the developers kind of knew this too: the starters are so lame that you get one of the starters from the first game not too long after you get one of the new ones. Even X and Y are those kids that go "fuck all that, original 151 are where it's at!" I do really like Greninja and there are a few other exceptions like Hoopa, but even those can't be saved from such Pokemon as Klefki, Inklay, or Honedge. When you have to start putting eyes on inanimate objects to fill more Pokemon slots, maybe it's time to stop making so many new Pokemon each generation and just focus more on making the games good. Is that too much to ask? Yes. I'm no game developer, I can fuck myself.

Fav Gen 6 Pokemon: Greninja (for anyone who cares)

#5: Generation 4 (Sinnoh)

I know I said that the evolutions of older Pokemon were a cool idea, and I still stand by that. But if we are talking about Pokemon I actually care about or like the look of, Generation 4 just doesn't have it. Even Generation 6 had exceptions, and 4 does too (Dialga, Weavile, Leafeon) but Pokemon is a game where you are supposed to be enticed by all of these different creatures. If the creatures are boring then you are just collecting data, and that's pretty lame. Their usefulness and the fact that I like a few Gen 4 designs way more than that of Gen 6 put it over Gen 6, just not by much.

Fav Gen 4 Pokemon: Dialga

#4: Generation 5 (Unova)

Generation 5 added in way too many Pokemon and I felt like most of them were really lame, while others were really cool. Lame: Trubbish, Pansage, Emboar. Not as lame: Zekrom, Victini (one of my favorite Pokemon ever), Hydreigon. There wasn't really much meta-game use for these losers either but at least out of the giant slew they shelled out after Gen 3, Gen 5 I like the designs of a lot more than Gen 4 and 6, even if some of the designs are literally garbage. A HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!! Seiously though, Trubbish? Really?

Fav Gen 5 Pokemon: Victini

#3: Generation 1 (Kanto)

Oh no, I've done it again! Some of my favorite Pokemon (Charizard, Mewtwo, Eevee) do come from Kanto, and even I can't knock the original 151. At the same time, much like a YouTube comments section, being first doesn't matter. Most of these things are just stupid puns (not that they got too much better later) and for my taste, I don't like the fact that they resemble real animals that closely. Pokemon takes place in a world of fantasy, and as such, I want to feel like all of the creatures that live there are noticeably different from the ones that we know here on Earth. You could argue that there are no flaming horses or giant three-headed birds, but there also isn't anything about most of these creatures that really make them stand out from the animals that they are obviously based on. Even when it comes to things that aren't animals, there are sentient rocks and magnets. Is that still cool? Was it ever cool? And before you retort, remember two things: 1) Voltorb is just an angry-ass Pokeball that can give off electricity 2) Electrode is supposed to be the evolved form of this, and it's just the same thing but slightly bigger and upside down.

Fav Gen 1 Pokemon: Mewtwo

#2: Generation 2 (Johto)

Gen 2 added more weird type match-ups and new types entirely that not only gave more variety but more balance to the game. On top of this I think the Generation 2 Pokemon look more fantasy than most of the other generations. All of the generations have Pokemon that are just directly based on animals but Gen 2 made them look more original in comparison to animalistic Pokemon like Pidgey, Michael Bay Transformers Pokemon like Giratina, and Klefki. Fuck Klefki. That's really all I have to say about it off the top of my head. I just feel like the Gen 2 Pokemon had more memorable designs and color choices than most other generations did.

Fav Gen 2 Pokemon: Umbreon? (hard to choose really)

#1: Generation 3 (Hoenn)

I won't lie, it is a close call for me between 2 and 3, so I had to go a little nitpicky. The one thing, and maybe the only thing, that I can argue Generation 3 over 2 is location. In GSC, geography wasn't much of a factor for where certain Pokemon would spawn. Baltoy appears in deserts, Zigzagoons and Sevipers appear in various patches of grass, Surskit can be found in grass but usually found easier on the water, and even Groudon is in a volcano. They did this to an extent in the other games too, but Gen 1 didn't have much variety in terms of setting anyways, and Gen 2 had the luxury of recycling Gen 1 Pokemon into that gimmick. Gen 3 also utilized that idea, but more importantly they used geographical placement to accentuate the adventure. In Gen 3 you can go "oh yeah, I remember that Pokemon, you catch it in this area" whereas most of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon you think the other way around. Actually, I would go as far to say they haven't taken advantage of this design philosophy since Gen 3. Beyond that, just copy and paste what I said about Gen 2 and Gen 3 basically has that too.

Fav Gen 3 Pokemon: Sceptile

Sorry that this wasn't a particularly poignant blog. Usually, at the end, I try to emphasize a point to take away from all this but for this one, I think the point is that I have spent too many hours of my life playing Pokemon. That's about it.

More to come. The blog has been kind of dead, which is good. That means I have been more focused on more important things. At the same time, this blog is a good therapeutic tool that I have been neglecting, and that's not cool. So again, more to come.


My Games Library

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All my video games! (140 physical, 44 digital)

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Monster Rancher Battle Card GB
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Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Nintendo (4)
Bill Walsh College Football
Mega Man X
NHLPA Hockey ‘93

Sega Genesis (7) [I can capture footage for this one but it looks trashy so far]
Barney’s Hide & Seek Game
Madden NFL ‘94
Side Pocket
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

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Donkey Kong 64
Duck Dodgers starring Daffy Duck
Jet Force Gemini
Mario Tennis
Monster Truck Madness 64
NBA Live 2000
Off-Road Challenge
Paper Mario
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Stadium 2
Super Mario 64
Super Smash Bros.

PlayStation (4) [capture via PS3]
Ape Escape
Final Fantasy VIII
OddWorld: Abe’s Exoddus (only disc one though... oops)
Threads of Fate

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Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Custom Robo
Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Kirby Air Ride
Outlaw Golf
Rayman Arena
Road Trip
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut
  Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (Game Gear version)
  Sonic Blast
  Sonic Chaos
  Sonic Drift
  Sonic Drift 2
  Sonic Labyrinth
  Sonic Spinball
  Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear version)
  Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear version)
  Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble
  Tails Adventure
  Tails’ Sky Patrol
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Sonic Gems Collection
  Sonic CD
  Sonic Drift 2
  Sonic R
  Sonic the Fighters
  Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear version)
  Sonic Triple Trouble
  Tails Adventure
  Tails’ Skypatrol
  Vectorman 2
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Mega Collection
  Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  Sonic & Knuckles
  Sonic 3D Blast
  Sonic Spinball
  Sonic the Hedgehog
  Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic Riders
Soul Calibur II
Star Fox Assault
Super Monkey Ball
Super Monkey Ball 2
Super Smash Bros. Melee

GameBoy Advance (9) [capture via GameBoy Player]
Digimon Battle Spirit 2
F-Zero Maximum Velocity
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
Pokemon Ruby Version
Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Advance 3
Spyro: Season of Ice
Tak and the Power of Juju

Nintendo DS (15) [cannot currently capture this, I need a 3DS capture device]
Brain Age: Train Your Brain Within Minutes a Day!
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
Elite Beat Agents
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
New Super Mario Bros.
Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Mario Kart DS
Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt
Pokemon White Version
Rayman DS
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Sonic Rush
Sonic Rush Adventure
Super Mario 64 DS
The World Ends With You

Nintendo Wii (13 physical, 3 digital) [capture through Wii U]
Kirby’s Dream Collection
  Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  Kirby’s Adventure
  Kirby’s Dreamland
  Kirby’s Dreamland 2
  Kirby’s Dreamland 3
  Kirby’s Super Star
Mario Kart Wii
Ninja Gaiden (Virtual Console)
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (Virtual Console)
Red Steel
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Sonic and the Black Knight
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Sonic Colors
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Wii Sports

PlayStation 3 (30 physical, 17 digital)
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
Bomberman Party Edition (Digital)
Crash Bandicoot (Digital)
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Digital)
Crash Bandicoot: Warped (Digital)
Crash Team Racing (Digital)
Darksiders II
Digimon All-Star Rumble
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
Fat Princess
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Final Fantasy XIII
Jak and Daxter HD
Jak 3 HD
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
  Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
  Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix
LittleBigPlanet 2
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Metal Gear Solid (digital)
Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection
  Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
  Metal Gear
  Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
  Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
NiGHTS into Dreams HD
Okami HD
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Ratchet and Clank HD
Red Dead Redemption
Sleeping Dogs
Sonic Generations
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Soul Calibur IV
Spyro the Dragon (Digital)
Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (Digital)
Spyro Year of the Dragon (Digital)
The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
The Last of Us
The Sly Collection
                Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
                Sly 2: Band of Thieves
                Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Nintendo 3DS (7 physical, 7 digital) [cannot capture this one, I need a 3DS capture device]
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan
Game & Watch Gallery (Virtual Console)
Game & Watch Gallery 2
Kid Icarus 3D Classics
Kid Icarus Uprising
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Rumble Blast
Pokemon Shuffle
Pokemon X
Super Mario 3D Land
Super Mario Bros. (Virtual Console)
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Wii U (10 physical, 8 digital)
Bayonetta 2
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Earthbound (Virtual Console)
F-Zero X (Virtual Console)
Ice Climber (Virtual Console)
Mario Kart 8
Mario Party 2 (Virtual Console)
Nintendo Land
Pokken Tournament
Shovel Knight
Star Fox 64 (Virtual Console)
Star Fox Guard
Star Fox Zero
Super Mario 3D World
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Virtual Console)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

PlayStation 4 (4 physical, 9 digital)
Batman: The Telltale Series
Darksiders II: The Deathinitive Edition
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Hatoful Boyfriend
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue
  Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage
  Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Sonic Mania
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Worms Battlegrounds

Steam (31) [captured through OBS]
A Hat in Time
BattleBlock Theater
Castle Crashers
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Disgaea 2
Hollow Knight
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
Payday 2
Portal 2
Rivals of Aether
Sonic Mania
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Strikey Sisters
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
The End is Nigh