Sonic Questions I found from @wounkun

Some Twitter account labeled @wounkun posted this survey kind of thing. Spazkid (check him out if you haven't) retweeted it and I thought it was kind of interesting to see what kinds of general consensuses people did or did not mutually come to.

My Sonic background: Sonic 2 was, to my memory, the first video game I ever played and it made me want more. I started to make my own creative things (music, cartoons, scripts/stories) based on stuff I saw in video games because I was so enthralled with the medium and how it tied in so many other forms of media to make a whole new work of art. I'm not one of those "the old games were better" kind of guys because I played a lot of the old games (1991-2001) and a lot of the more recent ones. With every great Sonic game there is a wide array of installments that are so-so at the very best. A lot of which are rushed messes though. At least that's just my opinion, to get you started with this thing. Okay, here are my answers:

1. Favorite Sonic Game:
A: Sonic 2, though I'm usually torn between 2 and 3.

2. BEST Sonic Game:
A: Sonic Mania. It's the only Sonic game where I have to go hypercritical to think of flaws.

3. Worst Sonic Game:
A: Everyone knows it's Sonic '06 so to not be boring I'll say the runner-up is probably either Shadow the Hedgehog or Unleashed on Wii.

4. Best Adventure Game:
A: Adventure 2, assuming Sonic Rush Adventure doesn't count.

5. Best Boost Engine Game:
A: Sonic Generations. The only ones I can think of that even come close are Colors and Rush Adventure. Rush Adventure's mini-games aren't as fun as Generations' and Colors' alien color mechanic was too contrived.

6. Best Classic Game:
A: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

7. Most Underrated Game:
A: Sonic Rush Adventure

8. Most Challenging Game:
A: Again, Sonic '06 for the wrong reasons. I would say the most consistently challenging while still being varied, albeit sometimes also for the wrong reasons: Sonic and the Secret Rings? Sonic Advance 2 and 3 if you don't want to count "bullshit" as a challenge.

9: Favorite Sonictuber:
A: I guess Tails' Channel. I don't really like channels that focus on one game series or topic, even it is one I like or find interesting. Tails' Channel is news, sometimes presented in a fun way. Even when it's not super entertaining, it's practical.

10: Favorite Character:
A: Sadly, probably Shadow... I know.

11: Least Favorite Character:
A: Amy. Fuck Amy.

12: Most Annoying Character:
A: Still Amy. Even Charmy, who is supposed to be annoying by design, ends up rattling my skull less than Amy.

13: Favorite Playable Character (in what game?):
A: That's really broad. I guess Sonic in almost any combination in Sonic Advance 3?

14: Favorite Fan Game:
A: Does Sonic Mania count? I don't really play the fan games but Utopia looks promising.

15: Least Favorite Sonictuber:
A: Basically all of them. I really can't single out just one. Sorry, "Sonictubers".

16: Do you want more playable characters? If so, who?
A: Again, really broad. It depends on the general focus of the game and if it has multiplayer or a reason to have multiple characters at all. So in the case that the answer may be yes, I really like Blaze, Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Espio. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are some of the only characters that have powers and backstories of their own. Most of the other characters in terms of ability (other than the seven I just mentioned and Silver) are typically just worse versions of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

17: Favorite "Alternative" Gameplay:
A: Any special stage in Mania.

18: Favorite Sonic YouTube Video:
A: Knuckles Chaotix by Egoraptor.

19: Favorite Sonic Song:
A: Tie between Emerald Hill from Sonic 2 and Ex-Boss from Sonic Advance 3.

20: Least Favorite Playable Character:
A: Big from Sonic Adventure 1. No, I'm serious.

21: Do you dislike the Sonic community?
A: I dislike people using the Internet's general anonymity for excusable aggression. Asking if someone dislikes the Sonic fanbase is a loaded question, and because Sonic is such a varied, popular, and long-running franchise, generalizing them is like trying to generalize the world's population. I sometimes make videos about Sonic, listen to the soundtracks, and occasionally play the games. Sometimes I even enjoy them! So by these similarities, I'm in the same boat as a hypothetical artist who draws homosexual Sonic-themed porn, am I not? It's the people that try to pick fights with people over Sonic that make me avoid the community and I think a lot of people would agree with that. So the short answer to that loaded question is "no", but I think the question is important so people will study internet/video game culture as a whole.

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